Facebook reveals how it will make money out of messages

Boz of Facebook Talks About the "M" Assistant and Messaging Businesses
Boz of Facebook Talks About the "M" Assistant and Messaging Businesses

While earlier this year Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook was going to make money from its messaging feature without revealing many details, company's Ad Executive Andrew Bosworth opened up on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt and explained further how they plan to monetize.

Take a look at Facebook's data centers where all your information is stored:

The original idea that Zuckerberg ventilated was to let people and businesses start messaging each other for free and without ads. Once the process became natural for people and businesses, Facebook would begin test ways to get money out of the businesses. The most recent revelations cleared that the idea behind this process is a new ad-type called "Click to Message."

The concept conceives a scenario in which the business side designs ads for their products or brands to post on Facebook, with the addition of a "Message" button that the users can click on to start a conversation with the brand or ask a question about the advertised product. The business would pay each time a user clicks. This could be a major shift for brands that could provide customer service straight from Facebook and reshape the way Pages are used at the moment.

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