Chinese airline launches special flights offering closer view of moon

Chinese Airline Launches Special Flights Offering Closer View Of Moon

In a few days, people in China won't be flying to travel but rather to get an a closer view of the moon.

According to CNN, China's Spring Airlines is selling seats for a special set of about 100 flights on the evenings of September 26th, 27th, and 28th.

The dates coincide with a rare trifecta of special moon-related events.

September 27th is the date of Mid-Autumn Festival, also called the Moon Festival; around the same time, a lunar eclipse and supermoon, when the moon appears 14 percent larger due to its close proximity to Earth, should also be visible.

The latter two events don't coincide very often, with the last overlap happening 30-plus years ago and the next occurrence expected to be in 2033.

Other than the unique views, the flights also aim to fulfill the emotional needs of those who are unable to return home during the typically family-centered festival.

Yi Mao, the head of marketing for Spring Airlines, told CNN that they plan to offer special activities on some flights "including writing couplets, giving out mooncakes and guessing lantern riddles."
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