A warning for parents -- a kiss nearly killed this baby

Cold Sore Kisses
Cold Sore Kisses

Cold sores...sure, they are a nuisance and slightly unattractive, but did you know they could be deadly?

New mother Claire Henderson took to Facebook to warn her friends about this unforeseen danger, after her newborn daughter Brooke contracted cold sores that left her hospitalized for five days.

%shareLinks-quote="The moral of the story is DO NOT let anyone kiss your newborns mouth, even if they don't look like they have a cold sore - 85 percent of the population carry the virus." type="quote" author="Claire Henderson" authordesc="Facebook" isquoteoftheday="false"%

Please share this with every new mum and pregnant woman you know... COLD SORES CAN BE FATAL FOR A BABY. Before 3 months...

Posted by Claire Henderson on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As reported by the Daily Sun, "Anyone with an active strain of the herpes virus -- cold sores, genital sores, shingles and chicken pox -- should handle newborns with extreme care, as if it gets into the bloodstream it can go to the brain and cause a fatal type of meningitis."

Luckily, baby Brooke is recovering -- but this post serves as a warning to all parents. Don't let anyone kiss your newborn anywhere on their face. Coldsore or no coldsore, better to be safe than sorry.

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