A private mobile island is the latest luxury toy for billionaires


Regular yachts are so 2014. What you need now to impress your friends is your own mobile luxury island.

A company called Migaloo Private Submarines, which, as the name states, designs high-end personal submarines, is now offering a beyond-high-end floating habitat called Kokomo Ailand. The concept is an actual private island that floats on-semi submersible platforms, which let you take your vacation everywhere you want, as long as it's on water. The habitat features a penthouse 80 meters above sea level, a jungle deck with palm trees and vertical gardens, a beach deck with pool and barbecue area, two beach clubs, a beach gym, an underwater dining saloon, a shark-feeding station (because how can you not have a shark feeding station), an outdoor cinema, and helicopter deck to keep one of your other flying toys at hand.


Let's take a tour! Browse through this gallery for a peek inside the fanciest private yacht-island out there:

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