A former Scott Walker aide fired off a tweetstorm about why Walker dropped out

Who Will Benefit Most from Walker's Exit?
Who Will Benefit Most from Walker's Exit?

A former top aide to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a Republican, fired off a series of tweets Monday afternoon explaining why he dropped out of the race.

Less than an hour after news broke that Walker would suspend his campaign, Liz Mair -- a former Walker adviser who was forced to resign earlier this year after criticizing various aspects of Iowa politics -- tweeted out more than two dozen tweets explaining the governor's demise.

Mair blamed the governor's sagging poll numbers less on the antiestablishment political climate and more on a number of strategic miscalculations:

But Mair laid the majority of the blame on poor advice from campaign advisers who didn't know Walker well and didn't help him play to his political strengths:

Mair did say that Walker made one correct decision -- getting out now:

Walker's poll numbers had sunk to dismal levels in the past month following two widely panned debate performances. A new CNN poll Sunday showed Walker receiving less than one-half of 1% from Republican and Republican-leaning voters.

Aides were audibly frustrated with the amount of time Walker got during the last debate, and spent an extended period of time in the media "spin room" after the debate attempting to play down the damage to reporters.

See photos of Walker's 2016 campaign:

In a now-telling sign, former US Sen. Jim Talent (R-Missouri), a campaign adviser, told Business Insider Wednesday that he was unsure if Walker could win the nomination.

"I don't know whether Scott's going to win or not, but I know this thing is not over," Talent said in the media spin room at the debate Wednesday. "The spring and the summer -- they're sampling different ones. They're window-shopping."

Walker is the second candidate to drop out of the Republican presidential race, following former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who suspended his campaign earlier this month after he failed to break into the top tier of candidates.

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