$1M winning lottery ticket found in old pile of mail

$1M Winning Lottery Ticket Found In Old Pile Of Mail

It's always nice to find something worthwhile in a pile of old mail. One woman is feeling nice indeed — she won $1 million from the Michigan Lottery after belatedly checking her ticket. Linda Tuttle bought the ticket back in May and seemingly forgot about it.

When she recently returned to the T&J Party Store where she got the ticket, a clerk mentioned someone had purchased one from the store that won a big, and unclaimed, prize. Curiosity motivated Tuttle to locate the potentially valuable slip of paper. She found it stuck in a pile of old mail.

It just so happened that the forgotten ticket was the May 26th Mega Millions winner. After the initial shock wore off, she called her daughter to relay the fantastic news.

Tuttle plans to use the money to visit friends in China, make some repairs around the house and buy a new car.
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