Watch these drones build a bridge that can hold a human being

Drones, Drones, and Drones
Drones, Drones, and Drones

Drones can take incredible footage, save lives, deliver products, race, fight and fire guns. Now they can also build bridges.

Institute for Dynamic Systems and Control and Gramazio Kohler Research teamed up to make what is possibly one of the coolest drone experiments ever attempted: aerial construction. The researchers posted a video showing a group of quadcopters collaborating to build a 7.4-meter-long suspended bridge that is strong enough to let you walk on it without collapsing. The drones don't even need to be controlled by a team of people, as they work in a completely autonomous way once the area is mapped. Each drone has a motorized spool that lets them control the rope's tension to the perfect extent so that they can build a solid structure. This is an incredible breakthrough that could open the way to helping workers on construction sites, as well as rescuing people in endangered areas.

Here is the video of the experiment:

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