The most common myths about getting a flat stomach, debunked

5 Flat Tummy Exercises
When it comes to getting fit and staying in shape, nothing screams sexy quite like a perfectly flat stomach. Although the summer may be over and beach season is behind us, many of us still want that gorgeous, flat tummy and we're willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

From crunches, to clean eating, to drinking lots of water -- there are plenty of ideas as to how you actually get a flat stomach. But while many of these concepts reign true, the sad reality is that many of them don't, as well.

Here's the thing -- several people around the world often waste their time, energy, money and everything else imaginable for that tiny tummy. Their efforts usually end in no avail however, due to the fact that their ways of getting the ideal stomach aren't actually accurate. So today, we're helping out by debunking five of the most common myths about getting a flat tummy. Take a look below.

1) More crunches equal a flatter tummy

The truth is that everyone has ab muscles that stay hidden underneath a thick layer of fat. The key is to focus on burning fat.

2) Starving yourself leads to a flat stomach

Starving yourself is dangerous for your overall well-being and may disrupt your body's metabolism.

3) Diet pills and supplements will work to your stomachs advantage

There are many pills and supplements which claim to give you a flat stomach. However, they are more likely to hurt your pocket than show results.

4) Packaged diet products mean better results

Some ingredients in packaged foods don't lead to weight loss and may have a high-calorie content.

5) Avoid carbs for tight abs

You can eat carbohydrates while slimming down, just stick with wholesome carbs rather than giving up all of them.

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The most common myths about getting a flat stomach, debunked
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