Tech Disruption: How technology plays a role in changing health care

How Tech Is Disrupting Healthcare
How Tech Is Disrupting Healthcare

TechCrunch Disrupt will be taking San Francisco by storm this week, and with it, one of the nation's biggest industries -- health care.

Although one top firm official told TechCrunch that health care is, "the last industry to be disrupted," it's still come a long way.

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If you think America's health care system is bad now, just imagine what it was like before, when things weren't digitized and paperwork was a long, manual and physical process. Patient information was lost in the shuffle, and managing your insurance gave you a bigger headache than before.

Now, thanks to the help of computers, the internet and startups like Simplee and Oscar Health, paperwork and staying on top of your health care is slowly becoming a less chaotic process. But the most disruptive changes have probably come from the companies that are actually addressing people's conditions - and changing what it means to have them.

Remember the days of going in to the doctor to get tested for diseases like HIV and AIDS? Thanks to Nanobiosym's cool, gene-testing tech, all you have to use is an iPad-size device, and you'll have your result. And let's not forget the advances that tech has made to research for big illnesses like cancer.

As for people with disabilities -- robotics have literally transformed what it means to be handicapped. From bionic eyes to robotic and 3D-printed limbs, the tech world is helping bring people back to "normal." But despite our achievements, we still have a long way to go.

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