Taylor Swift and 7-year-old fan passionately dance to 'Shake It Off'

Taylor Swift Tells All! Spills On How She Scores Special Tour Guests
Taylor Swift Tells All! Spills On How She Scores Special Tour Guests

The beat of "Shake It Off" is so infectious that you just want to get up and start dancing, right?

Uploaded back in August, Dylan Barnes quickly went viral after a video was posted of him dancing it out to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off." His dance moves are nothing short of impressive for a 7-year-old! Of course, when things like this happen, the next step is usually making an appearance on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," right? Yes.

Ellen and her team saw the video and immediately invited Dylan on the show to dance his little heart away, and of course, gave him tickets to Taylor Swift's show! And if that wasn't enough, T. Swift herself recently posted to Twitter this amazing video of both her and Dylan dancing the night away in this adorable clip. Check it out below.

He's got moves! It's safe to say in a few years Taylor might be calling on him to be one of her backup dancers on tour.

Check out some other awesome pics of Taylor Swift's tour in the gallery below.

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