Selfie deaths now outnumber shark attack deaths

Are Selfies More Dangerous Than Shark Attacks?
Are Selfies More Dangerous Than Shark Attacks?

Good news for people afraid of sharks: you're more likely to die from taking a selfie than you are being attacked by Jaws, himself, according to Mashable.

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A 66-year-old Japanese tourist died earlier this week when he fell while trying to take a selfie at the Taj Mahal. His death raises the grand total to 12 selfie deaths just in this past year. Compare that to the eight deaths by shark attack in 2015 and you have a 21st-century problem on your hands.

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The Russian police have gone so far as to even publish a brochure advising against taking "cool" selfies after a string of death-by-selfie incidents in the country.

"A cool selfie can cost you your life," the Russian Interior states in the brochure . The police handed out the brochure to students this summer.

Parks and museums have already warned people of the dangers of taking selfies. One Colorado park even went so far to shut itself down because visitors could not stop snapping selfies with bears.

People who have died this year include those who have tried to snap pics while posing with loaded guns, a teen who was electrocuted while climbing a train and a pilot who tried to take a selfie while operating an aircraft.

Selfie-deaths are becoming so common that there is even a Wikipedia page dedicated to listing selfie-related injuries or deaths.

So no matter how strong your selfie game is, make sure you're being safe when you snap a pic.

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