Here's how an Apple Watch helped save a teen's life

Here's What WatchOS 2 Can Do for Your Apple Watch
Here's What WatchOS 2 Can Do for Your Apple Watch

For a high school student in Massachusetts, buying an Apple Watch was a priceless act that helped to save his life. Seventeen-year-old Paul Houle had just finished football practice when he noticed some pain in his back and chest. After checking his watch, he realized that his heart rate was abnormally high and decided to take a nap. Once he saw that nothing was working to bring his heart rate down even two hours after he was done with practice, he decided that it was time to tell his coach, who sent him straight to the hospital.

The teenager was diagnosed with rhabdomyolysis, a condition that can lead to kidney failure and, potentially, even death. After recovering, the story reached Apple CEO Tim Cook, which according to CBS News reached out to Paul and offered him a new iPhone and a summer internship at the company.

Here is a video explaining the story:

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