'Family Feud' contestant gives such terrible answer that opponent laughs in her face (Video)

'Family Feud' Contestant Thinks Doctors Remove Lots of Gerbils in the ER
'Family Feud' Contestant Thinks Doctors Remove Lots of Gerbils in the ER

Everyone has a family member who does not belong on "Family Feud." At her holiday get-togethers, Darci is likely that person.

The recent "Family Feud" contestant was given an easy enough task: "Name something a doctor might pull out of a person."

She buzzed in before her opponent, so that was good — but the answer was certainly not. Darci went with: "A gerbil." After a beat or two, her opponent cracked up right in her face over the notion. He didn't really stop for a while either.

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Meanwhile, host Steve Harvey did his stare-and-silent-pause thing, before eventually ripping the contestant to a delighted audience.

Darci was instantly embarrassed, jokingly swearing, "I didn't say that." After the buzzer, her opponent stole the game with the far more reasonable retort, "A baby."

Ever hear of stitches, staples, nails, glass, ticks or ANYTHING ELSE, Darci? Watch the video above, and laugh along with her opponent.

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