Baby plays in summer rain for the first time

Baby Plays in Summer Rain with Father
Baby Plays in Summer Rain with Father

This little tot has gotten the surprise of her life -- and it is one of the most commonplace events! The Harper and her daddy checked out the rain outside their garage, and she loved every moment of it! The video was uploaded back in August, but it has been making waves on Reddit this week. One commenter wrote, "Awesome.. The dad got to re-experience the wonders of rain too!"

Her mother, who uploaded the video, wrote:

Although she's seen it from the window before now, this is the first time she played in the warm Summer rain... and her reaction was absolutely precious!

Imagine our disbelief this time, when already last year such a special (and viral!) moment was captured of our little one first crawling in "Baby's first crawl with her dog... what a cute ending!" -that now a new unforgettable moment was filmed of our little Harper experiencing another lifetime 'first' and this time it's seeing and feeling rain for the very first time. She simply couldn't get enough, from the car ride home and watching it pour all over the car windows, to getting out and wanting nothing more then to run around, play, and exalt over the fabulous new experience with her Daddy. She and the family she makes us are truly our dream come true.

Check out the video on YouTube below:

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