Amy Schumer reportedly getting paid $8-10 million to write her first book

Amy Schumer Reveals The Hilarious Text Jennifer Lawrence Sent Her
Amy Schumer Reveals The Hilarious Text Jennifer Lawrence Sent Her

And honestly? We think that's $8-10 million well spent.

Fresh off her Emmy win on Sunday -- for Variety Sketch Series -- Amy Schumer has reportedly locked down a multimillion-dollar deal to write her first memoir. Publishers Weekly says it will be "an essay collection" that explores Schumer's "childhood, how she got her big break in comedy, her family, and feminism."

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Bidding was apparently high stakes too, as Entertainment Weekly reports the proposal had been circulated through all major NYC publishing houses, and "Editors had to offer a bid on the book to even get a meeting with Schumer."

Because this is Hollywood, and everyone in Hollywood loves comparing paychecks, Schumer's deal is more than twice the $3.5 million that Lena Dunham reportedly earned for Not That Kind of Girl. (Who knows if Amy will be able to top the $900 ticket to Lena's book tour though.)

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It makes sense that Schumer would eventually take on the print medium -- her writing on Inside Amy Schumer won her the Emmy, and her first feature film, Trainwreck, was a huge hit this summer. Basically, everything she writes turns to gold.

In addition to the book, pal Jennifer Lawrence recently revealed the two are writing a movie together. "We're gonna hopefully be shooting that in a year or something," Schumer told ET backstage at the Emmys, before adding of her win, "Jennifer sent me a really sweet text. She said that I looked pretty but not smart."

Now, listen to what else Amy had to tell ET about her friendship with Jen in the video above!

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