10 morning hacks to completely jumpstart your day

Morning Hacks to Wake Up Better
Morning Hacks to Wake Up Better

If you dread waking up early, breaking away from your bed and the sound of your alarm clock -- then you're not alone. Join the club of the majority of people around the world who are the complete opposite of a morning person.

We don't blame you -- mornings are ROUGH, to say the least, and arguably the only good thing about them is that delicious bacon, egg and cheese for breakfast. So if you need a little help perking up in the morning and starting off your day right, then listen closely.

These morning hacks will not only help you get a jumpstart to your soon-to-be fabulous day, but they'll empower you to do energy-focused activities every morning!

1) Don't hit snooze

Hitting snooze too many times actually makes it harder to wake up.

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2) Work out

A morning workout can help boost your energy and metabolism.

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3) Breathe

Take a moment to breathe — you'll feel balanced and ready to start the day.

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4) Stretch

Take a moment to stretch out all the kinks.

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5) Do yoga

For a little energy boost.

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6) Drink water

It will boost your metabolism and keep your skin feeling great.

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7) Listen to music

This helps you get energized and excited about the day ahead.

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8) Smile

Start the day off feeling positive.

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9) Eat a balanced breakfast

Get all the nutrients you need before heading off to start your day.

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10) Wait to sign online

Give yourself time before checking your email.

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