Remember Tom from Myspace? Check out what he's doing now

Remember "Myspace Tom?" The illusive man behind Myspace has kept out of the public spotlight for many years. With that infamous white t-shirt and youthful grin, Anderson is synonymous with Myspace's nostalgia.

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Anderson, now 44, looks like he's living the good life. According to a tweet from Tom Anderson himself, he sold Myspace back in 2005 for $580 million. Yes, you heard that right. 580 million dollars. So what's he doing with this small fortune now, you ask?

Looks like Anderson is enjoying retired life by traveling and taking astonishing photographs (along with making us all insanely jealous, of course).

Take a look through Tom's travels here:

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Sunset at Burning Man ... Good memories :-)

A post shared by Tom Anderson (@myspacetom) on

These amazing photos having us thinking about vacation time! Check out 2015's most popular travel destinations below:

World's most popular travel destinations 2015
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Remember Tom from Myspace? Check out what he's doing now

10. Hong Kong - 8.66 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

9. Seoul - 10.35 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

8. Kuala Lumpur - 11.12 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 

7. Singapore - 11.88 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

6. New York - 12.27 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

5. Istanbul - 12.56 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

4. Dubai - 14.26 million visitors

(Photo credit: Alamy) 

3. Paris - 16.06 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 

2. Bangkok - 18.24 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

1. London - 18.82 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 


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