People share the intense realities of gambling addiction

While for some, turning 21 means granted access to a world of bright shiny slot machines and exciting blackjack rounds for a casino getaway, it can mean entering into an intoxicating, dark and difficult addiction for others. Gambling addictions are as real, dangerous and serious as any other form of addiction. They make people lie to their families, lose all their money and sometimes even resort to illegal actions. Several gambling addicts took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to show the intense realities of gambling addictions.

A gambling addiction can lead to dishonesty:
I gambled away my checking and savings accounts but lied and told everyone I got robbed.

It truly is all-encompassing:
I have a gambling problem. If I'm not gambling, I'm thinking about it all the time. When I gamble, I lose all my money. It's terrible.

Especially when the pros seem to outweigh the cons:
I'm addicted to gambling but I don't want to quit because I've made too much money.

Losing money can happen much faster than earning it:
I just gambled away a one week paycheck in two hours. I don't know what to tell my wife.

Even those without an abundance of money to lose can become addicted to gambling:
I'm addicted to gambling and don't really have the money to waste. What's wrong with me?!

It certainly makes budgeting and planning more complicated:
Gambling is taking a heavy toll on my bank account. I hate being reckless with money.

It can even mess with people's sleeping habits:
I am a gambling addict. I don't get sleep without placing bets

You know you have a problem when you lie to loved ones about your whereabouts:
I'm addicted to gambling. I told my family I've stopped going.. But secretly I still go all the time.

Sometimes the money seems insignificant compared to larger issues:
I have a gambling problem but for some reason I don't care because money can be replaced, but the people and things I've lost that drove me to gamble cannot.

Gambling often serves as a distracted from other problems:
I am addicted to gambling. Losing 1K a week, unable to pay my bills, hiding it from my friends and family. I think I gamble because I am lonely!

It makes people fear their own actions:
I'm addicted to gambling. I can't stop and it's ruining my life. Got kicked out of the military and getting a big check soon and I'm scared I will gamble it away.

Some find ways around the system:
Whenever I lose money gambling, I buy however much I lost in groceries with food stamps

Others have trouble facing the truth:
 I gambled away a lot of money. Do I run away or face the consequences?  My fiance will never forgive me if he finds out  and my parents encouraged my problem.

But if it isn't dealt with early enough, it can become a life-long detriment:
I was addicted to gambling and lost 20k but never told anyone.. Now I hide the fact I can't pay bills

For more gambling confessions, ​check out Whisper.

Watch this video to learn how to prevent problem gambling:

How to Prevent Problem Gambling

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