Model couple Jasmine Tookes and Tobias Sorenson talk seductive Calvin Klein campaign and what they find sexiest about each other



When Calvin Klein looked for models to campaign its newest fragrance, Eternity Now, the company needed a stunning, fresh-faced couple who could portray raw, passionate and exciting young love. Thus, it was a no brainer that the crew would turn to Victoria's Secret model Jasmine Tookes and her Danish model boyfriend, Tobias Sorensen.

Anyone who stalks the couple's adorable Instagram pics or Tumblr pages knows that these two are the real deal. Filming the campaign was as authentic as possible for them as they were able to disregard the lights and crew and focus on showing the world - and the cameras - what young love feels like. While Calvin Klein's Eternity has portrayed the promise of life-long romance since 1988, Eternity Now emphasizes the power and exhilaration of new, youthful, all-encompassing love.

Jasmine and Tobias fully embraced the essence of Eternity Now by remaining in the moment throughout the entire shoot. Their love transcended time and space and enabled them to exist together in their own world. Thankfully for us, photographer Cass Bird perfectly captured the whole thing. Click here to purchase Eternity Now.

Seeing as how these two young models have found love, established successful careers and clearly won the genetic lottery, it's no wonder they're the hottest couple of the moment. We don't see the moment ending anytime soon for them, either.

We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with the beyond-adorable couple about what it was like to shoot the Calvin Klein campaign together, their unique grooming and style habits, what they each find sexiest about the other and how their fans keep them confident and positive in a competitive industry.

What's your favorite thing about working together on a campaign like this?

Tobias: It was very natural and we didn't have to fake anything. The chemistry was already there. We didn't have to worry about boundaries I mean she's my girlfriend in real life and we know each other so well and I think that shows in the campaign. It's very real and very authentic.

Jasmine: It was super easy. When you have to roll around on the bed and and be super lovey dovey and kissy with someone, it has to be your boyfriend otherwise it'll kind of look fake.

Tobias: Also now with this part, the whole PR thing, we get to do interviews together and travel together now because there's a lot of other things related to the shoot. It's an experience we get to share together and can look back on when we get old and it's something that shows our relationship.

Photo: Cass Bird for Calvin Klein

What was the most awkward thing that happened on set while filming the Eternity Now campaign ad? Did you ever feel weird with so many people watching?

Jasmine: One thing did happen! we were playing nice music and then this really raunchy like random song comes on it had cussing and all these bad words and was so loud. It got really awkward. We changed it real quick.

Tobias: But for the most part we forgot about the camera crew. It was weird for like 10 minutes and then after I was just all focused on Jasmine.

Which one of you takes the longest to get ready in the morning?

Jasmine: Tobias.

Tobias: Jasmine.

Jasmine: I take 20 minutes he takes at least 45.

Tobias: I just like to take my time in the shower! I just hate rushing in general, I don't want to rush.

What are your weirdest grooming habits?

Tobias: We pop these small Vitamin E tablets and put them on our faces before going to bed. I don't think it's weird but some people might find it weird.

Jasmine: Yeah you put it on before bed and it's just good for staying moisturized. When you wake up the next day your skin is glowing.

Who has better style?

Tobias: I think we complement each other very well.

Jasmine: Yeah! We both have good style

Photo: Cass Bird for Calvin Klein

Who works out more?

Jasmine: Tobi.

Tobias: I kind of got Jasmine into the whole work out routine and now we love doing it together. She hadn't worked out a day in her life until we met I don't think except she used to do gymnastics.

What do you each find sexiest about the other?

Jasmine: I find him the sexiest in the morning when he's just woken up with no product in his hair. It's just messy.

Tobias: I think the sexiest thing was probably when I saw Jasmine after taking a shower for the first time. I realized that she looked amazing without makeup on. That's always a bit of a scare like when you meet a girl you wonder how they'll look without makeup. And Jasmine just looks pretty without makeup.

When you're not working, what's your favorite thing to do together?

Jasmine: Just relax. We're always on the go so I like to just relax at home and watch some TV like "The Bachelor" that show.

Tobias: But we also love doing different like sporty activities together like rock climbing or bowling or working out. We love wake-boarding.

Photo: Cass Bird for Calvin Klein

If you guys could go on a double date with any celeb couple, who would you choose?

Tobias: Jay Z and Beyonce.

Jasmine: Really? I would say Angelina Jolie and Brad. I just love Angelina.

Tobias: Yeah I could kick it with Brad the same way I'd kick it with Jay Z.

Do you guys enjoy watching the same shows and movies or do you often argue over the remote? If so, who typically wins?

Tobias: Jasmine wins. We always argue over it.

Jasmine: I win! I like reality TV and he hates it unless it's "The Bachelor" since I got him into that. I'm always like "just one episode!" and then I usually win.

Tobias: She's watching these "Housewives" shows and it's just people fighting all the time and screaming at each other.

Jasmine: Well I've been watching "The Real Housewives of Orange County" for like six or seven years now so you know their whole life and want to keep watching it like you can't miss an episode.

Tobias: It just goes on forever! There's no end to it. I prefer to watch HBO like "True Detective," "The Sopranos," "Game of Thrones." I love TV shows but rarely have the time to watch it. I love Netflix comedies and documentaries.

What do you love most about your fans?

Jasmine: I love that my fans are always very positive. I never get anything negative ever. They're extremely supportive.

Tobias: I don't get a lot of hate on my social media handles either because they're all very nice and have very sweet things to say about Jasmine and me. I mean of course as a couple people will sometimes say mean things about Jasmine to me or about me to Jasmine but that's just people who are jealous. For the most part everyone's very supportive.

If you could give aspiring models one piece of advice on how to make it in the industry, what would you tell them?

Tobias: Just stay true to who you are and don't change. You have to be mentally strong to be able to do this because you have to be very confident in yourself. It's a very tough industry because people are always commenting on your look and telling you there's something wrong or something you have to do better.

Jasmine: I would say to just be confident and that it doesn't last forever so give it your best. Always stay humble because the longer you stay humble the longer your career will last. Just be you.

Click through this slideshow to get a glimpse of the insanely attractive and adorable couple:

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Calvin Klein Collection 2016 Ready-to-Wear

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