DIY makeup storage tricks you'll absolutely love

Mason Jar Makeup Storage: The Cutest DIY Ever?
Ladies, we know how important makeup storage is, right? We need our makeup to be easily accessible, decluttered, in one place and needless to say, we want that "one place" to be cute and chic. The hard part however, is actually finding the perfect makeup storage for all your face paint goodies.

You've tried out too many to count and none seem to work out the way you want them too (even though you spent a fortune on them). So today, in order to ease your makeup storage pain, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve for DIY storage that will change your life in the best way possible. Keep in mind, these methods might seem unconventional at first -- but we guarantee once you try them you'll be dying for more DIY hacks.

After all, how many of you have thought about saving bathroom counter space by putting your makeup in spice racks? Probably not many! So, take a look below at a few awesome DIY makeup storage tricks we can't get enough of.

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1) Candle jars

Toss out the used candle, clean the jar of any wax and fill it up with your brushes.

2) Serving Tray

Display all of your favorite makeup items on it, this way they're all laid out in front of you.

3) Pencil Box

Store all your makeup pencils in one adorable spot.

4) Plastic Shoe Holder

An effective way to compartmentalize all your makeup products with pouches galore.

5) Magnetic Board

Keep track of all your makeup by buying a sheet of metal and some magnetic tape, then cutting off a piece of magnetic tape that matches the size of each item. Stick the tape to the back of your makeup and PRESTO!

6) Cookie Jar

Store nail polish bottles in a cookie jar! It's a charming way to keep them all in one place.

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DIY makeup storage tricks you'll absolutely love

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