Young football players help boy in wheelchair score a touchdown

Young football players help boy in wheelchair score a touchdown

Six-year-old Matthew Davidopoulos' love of football is limited. The little boy is a big-time football fan but can't do much playing because he has spinal muscular atrophy, according WCVB.

Doctors diagnosed him when he was born and said he wouldn't live past two-years-old, but Matthew defied those odds and is living large at six-years-old.

But the boy still had one big dream -- to score a touchdown on the field. When his brother's football team at Pop Warner in Mississippi heard about Matthew's dream, they got to work on helping him achieve it.

WDAM reported that his brother, Noah, and his coach devised a play that let Matt score a touchdown and now footage of that play is going viral.

The brothers acted as co-captains of the Westford Pop Warner Junior Ghosts during the first game of the season.The video shows Matthew fielding tackles before driving the football through the end zone.

His mother told WCVB that Matthew was "very excited to be participating in something with his brother that we, as parents, never thought would happen."

But Matthew knew. When his brother Noah congratulated him, saying "you did good," Matthew just raised his eyebrows, smiled slyly and replied all-knowingly, "of course I did."

This won't be Matthew's last time on the field, either. The six-year-old plans to keep playing alongside his brother at Pop Warner and with a new motorized scooter on the way, he'll be better than ever.

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