You can judge your pet's selfie game with this awesome new device

If you have a pet, you know how rough it can get when you leave them. Well, have no fear because PetBot is here to help. PetBot is a device developed by some folks in Canada that's designed to let you feel close to your pup even when you're miles away.

PetBot is a treat dispenser that features a built in high definition camera that allows your pet to take and send you a selfie every time it eats a treat.

The device is currently funded through Indiegogo and uses "petificial intelligence" to get your pet into taking a video and delivering it right to your phone. The PetBot system, which includes a smartphone app, has some incredible features, such as listening to a pet's sounds and notifying owners if something unusual is happening to their pet. You can also record music or your own voice to keep your pet company.

The co-founders put the device in their own words:

The device will set your wallet back $149.

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