Watch how this Scottish boy took down a hateful preacher


Scenario: It's a sunny day and you're walking down the street of your town, minding your own business, running some errand when you turn a corner only to hear a man preaching about the Lord to anyone who will listen. Sometimes, these people aren't the...nicest. You try to mind your own business but you also can't seem to tune the preacher out. How do you make him stop?

Many of us have experienced this scenario in person but hardly any of us have done anything about it. Well, when this happened to a Scottish boy, he took it into his own hands to make it stop, literally. But the best way wasn't with fists, it was with music.

That's right -- a video shows a Scottish boy using the sweet, sweet sounds of a bagpipe to coax a hateful preacher into ceasing his sermon, Metro reported.

The video begins by showing a preacher spewing hate while reading from a book via microphone in a town square.

All of the sudden, "Scotland the Brave" begins blasting throughout the area. As our Scottish hero comes into frame, people begin cheering. The crowd cheers on the boy, who is blasting the song out on the bagpipes.

It's not long before the boy's bagpipes drowns out the preacher's hateful speech. This may be the most Scottish takedown ever and we could not be happier.

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