10 awesome fast food hacks to easily upgrade your order

America's 10 Favorite Fast-Food Restaurants
Attention all fast food lovers -- we've got some fun news that we seriously think you're going to like! First, let's start off by saying that if you're anything like us, then you know that no matter how many people say you should avoid fast food, you simply just don't care -- why? Because you love it, naturally. So, we want to make it clear that WE GET IT and we're with you all the way.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get down to business. Have you ever stopped by McDonalds before work, ready to complete your fabulous breakfast order, when you suddenly realize -- how can I get "REAL" egg on this breakfast sandwich? Is it even possible? Am I doomed to faux egg for the rest of my life? Suddenly, these and a million other questions run through your mind as you contemplate the meaning of life (and breakfast sandwiches) just before swiping your card. It could have all been so simple if you just made oatmeal, right?

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Wrong! You should never have to sacrifice a delicious meal for something less satisfying. In order to ensure you get everything your little heart desires the next time you're at your favorite fast food joint, we've got a few tricks up our sleeve just for you. Today, we're helping you upgrade your order with ten fast food hacks that will actually change your life. Ready to be amazed? Let's get started.

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1. Incorporate a dorito shell into your cheesy gordita crunch at Taco Bell.

It's only 30 cents extra!

2. Get a "Big Mac" for cheaper.

Get a McDouble without ketchup and mustard, then ask for lettuce and big mac sauce on it.

3. Get a real egg with your McDonald's breakfast.

McDonald's uses three different kinds of eggs. For real egg, ask for the egg off a McMuffin.

4. Ask for hot fudge in your McDonald's mocha instead of syrup.

Because it's worth it.

5. Order half-portions of two different meats on your Chipotle burrito to get bigger portions.

And get a ton of food for what you're paying.

6. Customize your Burger King sandwich.

Even the smallest customization will ensure that your sandwich is made fresh.

7. Order McDonald's burgers with a steamed bun.

These are made fresh and on the spot.

8. Order two junior roast beef sandwiches instead of one regular roast beef at Arby's.

This is a great way to get more meat for less.

9. Order a venti water at Starbucks.

A bottle of water costs about $2 and a "venti water" is free.

10. Order a grilled cheese at McDonald's.

Believe us, they know how to make it. Two buns turned inside out with cheese in the middle.

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10 awesome fast food hacks to easily upgrade your order

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