Today is HIV/AIDS Aging Awareness Day

I've Lived With HIV Since 1985
I've Lived With HIV Since 1985

In 2008, The AIDS Institute launched National HIV/Aids and Aging Awareness Day. Over 30 years ago, when the epidemic first became widely known, people who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS could only expect to live about one or two years after their diagnosis. Because of this, aging wasn't a huge concern for people who were diagnosed with HIV/AIDS back then.

Now, thanks to improvements in the effectiveness of antiretroviral therapy (ART),if people with HIV are diagnosed early on in their infection can keep the virus suppressed and sometimes live as long as their HIV-negative peers.

There are challenges that come with that, though. Although people with HIV are living longer, people living with long-term HIV infections may face some clinical characteristics with aging.

Today is intended to recognize this hardship, and let people know that there are support services out there. People who are struggling with HIV can get support through a healthcare provider, local community center, or HIV/AIDS service organization. Additionally, the HIV Testing and Care Services Locator helps to find local help for people who are struggling.

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