The most common myths about face oil completely debunked

Best Face Oils
Best Face Oils

Ah, face oil -- those little bottles of magical liquid with skin benefits galore. Whether you're a frequent user, or don't love it as much as the next gal, chances are you've probably used face oil once in your lifetime. While it's been thought for years that face oil is our skins number one enemy -- the truth is, it might actually be our best partner in crime, and many women around the world can attest to that.

But just as anything else, face oil is a beauty product that seems to draw up a ton of confusion about how well it actually works, how and when you should use it -- and many other questions. So today, allow us to set the record straight thanks to a little help from, with five of the most common myths about face oil you might be curious about.

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1) If you have oily skin, you shouldn't use face oils

Surprise! Plant oils actually help rebalance oily skin.

2) Foaming cleansers are better than oils for skin cleaning

Oils remove even the toughest waterproof mascara, while still doing good by skin's natural barrier.

3) Face oils aren't as good as moisturisers when it comes to hydrating skin

Oils actually penetrate skin easier, so they help moisturize skin more effectively.

4) Face oils are too rich and thick to be used daily

High quality plant oils have a natural affinity with skin, so they can be used both day and night.

5) Face oils will cause your makeup to streak

Depending on how you layer it, face oil can be your best friend when it comes to getting an all-over glow.

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