NICU nurse gets emotional surprise from former patients


Renee Hendrix has been a neonatal nurse at WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia for the past 33 years.

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"The NICU is an intensive care, which means our babies are very critical and we don't know if they are even going to make it through a shift," Hendrix said. "These parents, they don't get to take their babies home."

In honor of Neonatal Nurses Day this past Tuesday, Kleenex brand wanted to show Hendrix how much she's appreciated by each and every one of her patients, both past and present.

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Hendrix was presented with a video to watch, in which parents of former NICU patients thanked her for caring for their babies. While watching with emotional video, tears streaming down her face, she was surprised by the families in person. Each of the former patients held photos of what they looked like when they were in the NICU.

It was a truly heartwarming scene as Hendrix embraced the children she helped to save. It was definitely a "Kleenex-worthy" moment.

Watch the "Tiny Miracles" video here:

To celebrate Neonatal Nurses Day, Kleenex® helped a grateful group of parents and their children show a beloved NICU...

Posted by Kleenex on Tuesday, September 15, 2015

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