Mom mocks college son for not calling her

Mom Publicly Embarrasses Son with Video After He Didn't Call from College
Mom Publicly Embarrasses Son with Video After He Didn't Call from College

Liam McCarney may have started college and earned his freedom, but he can never escape "mommy!"

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In a hilarious Facebook post that's now gone viral, Ann Pinto McCarney calls out her son for not calling her in the three weeks he's been away at college.

Well guess it's safe to say that Liam McCarney is well adjusted at college! That being said a Mammas gotta call him out!

Posted by Ann Pinto McCarney on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

McCarney jokingly goes on about how she fed Liam for 18 years, held him constantly for the first two years, and even got a nasty scar from the C-section while giving birth to him.

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McCarney explained to NBC New York that she loves to use social media, especially to embarrass her college-aged son, "As soon as I gave birth and got stretch marks, I figured I had a right to torture him as much as I want."

Thankfully, it has been reported that Liam finally called his mom on Thursday, the day after she posted the video. Looked like her tactics worked!

This mom is hilarious! Watch the video below for more funny parents:

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