Kris Jenner is unable to say Caitlyn's name

Kris Jenner Is Unable To Say Caitlyn's Name
Kris Jenner Is Unable To Say Caitlyn's Name

Kris Jenner has admitted how difficult she's found her ex-husband's transition into a woman.

It seems Kris is struggling with certain elements of the change, and she's taking time to get used to the new member of her family.

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The Kardashian-Jenner "momager" opened up to Access Hollywood about the very public changes the famous family are going through, admitting that the transition has been a tough one for all of them.

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The toughest part seems to be getting used to her ex's new name. Despite Caitlyn's legal name change, Kris still doesn't refer to her ex-spouse by her new name.

As she told Access Hollywood, "I say 'Jenner.'"

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