Get exclusive access to the AOL News in Brief on WhatsApp

Are you ready for something new? We are launching the first AOL WhatsApp service that will deliver our daily "News in Brief" directly to your smartphone, even before it goes live on our website.

You can be one of the first users to get our curation of the most important articles of the day right at your fingertips with this exclusive delivery method that lets you read and share in a more personal way. "News in Brief" contains the top things you need to know from each of our channels and will give you a glance on the best conversation topics for each day.

All you have to do to sign up is follow these three simple steps:

1 - If you don't have WhatsApp you can download it for your iOS and Android devices.
2 - Save our full number in your contacts list: +1-718-427-3863.
3 - Text "NEWS" to that number via your WhatsApp account.

You will begin receiving our curated News in Brief within 24 hours after signing up. The service starts on Thursday, September 24th.

If for any reason you want to unsubscribe from the service, simply message us with "UNSUBSCRIBE" via the app and we will take you off the list.

Your phone number will not be shared with any other users or third parties.
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