Find out if you are a gentrifier with this simple calculator

In the Ongoing Gentrification Debate, Who Is Right?

Have yoga studios, vegan restaurants and juice bars begun popping up all over the place around your neighborhood? That's just one of the many aspects of gentrification, the process that is completely transforming the look, the demographics and the culture of many areas around metropolitan cities. Low-income families are pushed out of the gentrified areas due to rising real-estate costs while wealthier individuals move into the neighborhood, which starts readapting to its new "tenants."

But are you a gentrifier? If you are reading this on your Apple device while sipping an espresso made with home-grown, gluten-free, GMO-free, coffee beans-free coffee beans at the new -and only- fancy café in a neighborhood where you really stick out, you probably know the answer already. For the rest of us who aren't sure, Slate made a calculator that tells you if you are a gentrifier based on your household income and neighborhood. The program compares what you earn to the median income of the metropolitan area near you and the one of your area.

You can punch in your data and find out where you stand here.

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