Cheers to happy hour! These are the 10 healthiest beers you can ever drink

10 Ways In Which Beer Might Be Good For You
10 Ways In Which Beer Might Be Good For You

Beer lovers rejoice, because we're about to MAKE. YOUR. DAY. First, we'll start off by saying that it's no secret beer isn't exactly known as "the best thing to drink" for your body -- but we still drink it anyway! Why? Because we like it, of course.

It's known to give us that dreaded beer belly and a lack of (or an increase of, in some cases) proper social skills. But over the years however, the world has slowly come to a change of heart when it comes to beer. People began to realize that maybe, just maybe, there actually ARE health benefits to this alcoholic drink. Studies began coming out about everything from beer decreasing your chances of contracting heart disease, to reducing your risk of developing kidney stones. Suddenly, beer lovers everywhere were clinking their glasses and cheering to their newly found reasons for happy hour.

So, whether you enjoy a nice, tall glass every now and then or you're a serious beer connoisseur -- listen closely, because we've got some treats for you (liquid style). After all, as we just stated -- beer CAN be good for you. So, without further or due -- here are the 10 healthiest beers you can ever drink thanks to a little help from Fox News. Cheers!

1) Pacifico

2) Guinness Draught

3) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

4) Samuel Adams Light Lager

5) Abita Purple Haze

6) Left Hand Good Juju

7) Yuengling Lager

8) New Belgium Sunshine Wheat

9) Flying Dog Snake Dog IPA

10) โ€‹Deschutes Chainbreaker White IPA

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