5 myths about coloring your hair you seriously need to know

Top 7 Hair Myths
Top 7 Hair Myths

If you've ever colored your hair before or even talked about doing it, then you know there are people that will seriously try to bring you down when it comes to it. You've probably heard things like "you're going to ruin your hair forever," or "if you wash your hair the color will come right out!"

So, what's the real deal? Are these people just being negative Nancy's, trying to talk you out of it or are these statements actually true? Well, we did some digging and thanks to some help from TheGloss.com, we got to the ROOT (pun intended) of all your hair coloring questions. Here's what we discovered when it comes to myths about coloring your hair.

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1) Your hair should be unwashed because it takes color better.

If you get a color gloss or a semi permanent dye, they're much more gentle and non-oxidative so you'll actually want the hair to be clean beforehand.

2) You will always have roots after dying your hair one time.

If you're getting a permanent color that's close to the natural color, you won't see much of a change, so your roots won't come as easily.

3) Coloring your hair damages it.

Semi permanent color or a gloss can actually be rather healthy and condition your hair.

4) You should never straighten and curl colored hair.

Just apply a heat-protectant product beforehand to protect the hair follicles.

5) Color shampoo and conditioner cost a lot and aren't necessary.

These products are a bit more expensive, but they are definitely worth it. Many do a great job of cleaning and treating the hair.

Click through below for celebs who took the hair-coloring leap, dyeing their hair purple:

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