YouTube star Amanda Steele talks personal style, New York Fashion Week and her chic new line of sunglasses

With over 2.5 million subscribers to her YouTube channel, beauty and style guru Amanda Steele is winning the social media game one fashion tutorial at a time. Amanda, known as "MakeupbyMandy24" to her millions of followers, is perhaps one of the only 16-year-olds to be deemed an expert in the world of beauty.

The style icon was only 10 years old when she launched her YouTube channel. While most of us spend fifth grade graduating from the world of pigtails and struggling to figure out how deodorant works let alone makeup, Amanda was religiously watching her favorite YouTube style stars and experimenting with different makeup tips.

2.5 million followers later, Amanda is still slaying the YouTube game and cranking out a plethora of style guides to keep us looking fresh and trendy. In addition to continuing her YouTube channel, the social star launched her new AwesomenessTV series, "The Social Life with Amanda Steele" on June 1, 2015. The show gives us the inside scoop on the life of our favorite style sensation.

We were lucky enough to chat with Amanda about her YouTube filming process, her amazing experiences at her first ever New York Fashion Week and of course her wonderful and supportive fans.

You started on YouTube so young, how did you start?

I started when I was 10 years old. I was just really into watching YouTube videos and playing with makeup and fashion so it was just kind of natural for me. I was inspired by everything I was watching and was like "hey I can try to make some of these videos myself."

Obviously you loved other YouTubers and the platform as a whole, what is it drew you to YouTube in particular compared to other social media platforms out there?

I've just always been into beauty and fashion ever since I was super little. I had sketches of stuff I was designing when I was like 8 years old. It was really easy for me to make content like that on YouTube because I was so passionate about it and could just do it forever.

Obviously every video is different to make, but will you walk me through your general process for making a video? What's that like?

It's super casual. I film everything on my own so basically I just get my tripod out and, since I like to use natural lighting, I'll just sit by a window or go outside. Before that I'll pick out outfits that I'm going to show in the video and I just start recording. It's super simple.

If you could have any celebrity guest star in a YouTube video, who would you choose?

I feel like someone who's super fashionable like Kendall Jenner would be good. I really like her style even though I don't think she dresses herself. Maybe if she came with her stylist that'd be cool.

You have a fan base that absolutely adores you — what are some of the things you love about your fans?

I love the support. Anything that I tweet out it's amazing that I'll always get a response. There's always going to be people who are there for me if I'm sad. I can tweet something or post something and they'll all just cheer me up and make me happy. The fact that a lot of them share the same passions as me gives us an amazing connection.

What advice do you have for new YouTubers who may be just starting out making their own videos?

I think they should stay true to themselves and make videos that they're passionate about. There's a million beauty videos on YouTube and in blogs and you really have to be special if you want to break out and being yourself is what's most special. I think just being super honest and raw is what people want to see.

You're at New York Fashion Week now and you went to Lacoste, Rebecca Minkoff. Is this your first Fashion Week? what's the experience been like?

This is my first Fashion Week so it's super incredible. I feel kind of intimidated by all of the people at the fashion shows. They're so fashionable and I'm just getting so much inspiration from everything I'm seeing around me.

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What's been your favorite show so far?

I really liked the Lacoste show.

What new projects do you have coming down the pipeline?

My sunglasses just came out which I'm super excited about. I want to work with that more and I think I'm going to make a video about them. That's really what I've been focusing on right now. I think I'm going to take a break from traveling as much as I have been and just focus on my channel and uploading content.

Where do you see yourself going in the coming years? Do you see yourself evolving and creating or do you want to continue doing what you do best now?

I kind of want to try everything. I get amazing opportunities all the time. I really want to get more into fashion, that's really important to me. I just started acting so I want to get into that more. And I want to evolve my channel.

Click through this slideshow to see some of Amanda's most trendy and chic looks:

Watch this video to learn more about Amanda Steele and her style:

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Amanda Steele Lets Vanity Fair's August 2011 Issue Inspire Her Style

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