Woman abandons newborn baby so husband won't find out she cheated

Leigh-Anne Varley, 36, left her newborn baby boy on a stranger's doorstep to keep her husband from discovering that she cheated on him.

After Varley became pregnant by a man who is not her husband, she hid her pregnancy from her husband for the entire nine months. She blamed her swollen stomach on ovarian cysts.

Varley delivered the baby in her bathroom without telling anyone. She then brought the baby, which she wrapped in a dressing gown, to a stranger's doorstep. She left a note that read:

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After dropping the baby on the doorstep, Varley returned home to book a trip to Disney World for herself, her husband and their two children. She then went to work as she would any other day.

Hours later, Janice Clish, 52, found the baby boy outside her front door. The baby was cold but appeared to be safe and unharmed. He was taken to the hospital immediately and is now in healthy condition.

The mother stated that she intended to leave the baby at a hospital walk-in center. However, she changed her mind because she didn't want to leave her older son home alone for too long.

When police traced Varley, she denied that the baby was hers. When she finally admitted to delivering and abandoning the baby, she said:

"I didn't know what would happen to me."

Varley, however, was not sent to prison for the act. Magistrates' chairman Mark O'Neil said:

"The reasons are that you are obviously remorseful and there are mental health issues."

Instead, Varley was suspended for a year after admitting assault, ill treatment or neglect of a child.

Watch this video to learn about a solution that was proposed to keep abandoned babies safe:

State Pitches 'Baby Boxes' for Abandoned Babies
State Pitches 'Baby Boxes' for Abandoned Babies

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