Massive pythons found hiding in toilet

Massive Pythons Found Hiding In Toilet
Massive Pythons Found Hiding In Toilet

Running into snakes outside is scary enough ... but this is just unfair.

Mashable reports that Elliot Budd, a zoology student and volunteer snake catcher (who does that), was called to a home in Queensland, Australia where he found this 9.8 foot python.

Oh yeah — and there was more than one of them.

Budd says removing the reptiles was relatively easy. He just had to reach into the toilet and grab them.

He told ABC, "They're considered to be harmless to people. They're not something to be feared, but you shouldn't go grabbing one if you don't have the training."

Fortunately there aren't too many 9-foot pythons crawling around United States' cities — but New York City has its own problems under.

National Geographic was kind enough to horrify residents by dropping some knowledge last month: How rats make into toilet bowls.

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