5 back pain myths you seriously need to know

Doctor on Demand: Preventing Lower Back Pain
Doctor on Demand: Preventing Lower Back Pain

It's no secret that back pain is seriously irritating (not to mention distressing), and too many people all throughout the world suffer from it on a daily basis. If you're one of them, then you've probably looked in to both short-term and long-term fixes for your back issues. On top of that, you've more than likely thought at one time or another that maybe (JUST MAYBE) your back pain will one day somehow disappear into thin air and life will be beautiful once again.

Sadly, this usually isn't the case and you have to work seriously hard to relieve yourself, if possible. But when it comes to back pain, there are a few myths that have many people constantly focusing on controlling their aching backs.

Today, we're debunking these so you can learn more about what you really need and what's actually important. Take a look below.

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1) A fitness ball is better than an office chair for your back.

The lack of back support can actually be less than ideal, and sitting on a ball doesn't activate your core the way many people think it does.

2) You should always get a massage.

When you're in pain, in reality, a massage may help in some cases and hurt in others, depending on the cause of the back pain.

3) Stretching relieves back pain.

Stretching when you're unsure of the cause of your back pain could actually cause more damage.

4) A hot bath reduces back inflammation.

Getting into a hot bath can make things worse by increasing the inflammatory response.

5) It's best to lie down until the pain goes away.

Lying down until the pain goes away can work against you and may even slow healing.

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