This amazing new hair-coloring technique is literally what dreams are made of

While most hair color enthusiasts are well aware of the two main coloring techniques - balayage and foils - a new technique that just surfaced on the style scene is winning the hair coloring game.

Introducing hand-pressed coloring, the fun, easy and time-efficient way to color hair. The new technique was implemented by Redken colorist Chiala Marvici. Marvici says that she came up with the technique in her sleep. She said:

"I have a painting in my apartment that a friend did for me a while ago that has a lot of colors on it, and I fell asleep one night and dreamt of all these layers of paint living together on one surface. When I woke up, I thought about how beautiful that would be on the hair and how I would translate that vision onto the hair."

This new technique is literally the stuff that dreams are made of, people! Marvici went on to explain how the technique works:

"You create a design creating different patterns like circles, diagonals, and swirls onto a 6-inch-wide sheet of the hardest version of plexiglass — other thicknesses are too flimsy — with different shades of color, and then you place the section of hair flat onto the glass, which transfers the design from the plexiglass onto the underside of your hair. Then, you use a six-inch-long putty knife and then press the hair into the pattern to saturate the top side of the hair as the color seeps through your strands."

While the idea of patterned hair might totally set you off, there's no need to fret! Everything blends together as you press the putty knife into the hair. No weird patterns will mess with your mane.

Once the last piece of hair is saturated, Marvici lets it process for roughly 30 to 45 minutes. The approach certainly cuts time as it only takes five to 30 minutes to apply, whereas balayage can take up to an hour.

Now that we've gotten you all pumped up about this awesome new hair coloring technique, we have to break the news that you can't find this technique at your local go-to salon just yet. However, Marvici has been traveling all across the land to educate fellow colorists about her brilliant hand-pressed coloring. We can't wait to give it a try as soon as it blows up across salons, which it inevitably will. Get at us, hand-pressed coloring. We're ready for you!

Watch this video to learn about other fun and easy ways to color hair:

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Madison Reed's Hands-Free App Makes Hair Coloring Easier

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