These 5 simple tricks will make you an Instagram ninja

Instagram's Most Entertaining Accounts
Instagram's Most Entertaining Accounts

Are you ready to take your Instagram skills to the next level? You can majorly boost your social media presence on the platform with these simple tricks that will turn you into an Instagram master.

1) Make your hashtags way cooler
Are you still hashtagging your photos with words? #Lame!
Try using emojis in your hashtags to make your text more engaging and show some emotions. It's time to post like a boss πŸ˜ŽπŸ†πŸ‘
Remember that you can add hashtags to both the photo description and comments, and if you forget to tag something you can always edit your post and add some emojis.

2) Edit photos on Instagram and save them without posting
Sometimes you just want to apply a filter on a photo but not necessarily post it to the platform. There is a trick that lets you save the photo to your phone without having it show on anyone's feed. Switch your phone to airplane mode and do the edits. When the app tries to upload your photo it will fail but a copy will be stored on your phone.

3) Do some shameless self promotion in style
You can add your website or any other URL under your own name so that it shows on every post. You can trick the app into showing it by adding your URL in the location field instead of your actual location.

4) Don't let anyone know where you are posting from
Most people don't realize that the geolocation feature on Instagram is on until they post a photo from their houses and someone shows up at the address. Deactivate the feature from the settings before your annoying "friend" finds out where you live.

5) Run multiple Instagram accounts from your computer
This will be very handy if you need to manage more than one account for work, personal life, your pet or any other reason. Android has an option to run two accounts in one device with an app called Instwogram. You can install an Android emulator on your computer and run the same app.

You are ready, go and conquer the Instasphere.

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