News in Brief: September 16, 2015

College Football Player Comes Out
College Football Player Comes Out

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Today, a Muslim teen is arrested for a clock mistaken as a bomb, a Princeton lineman becomes the first and only openly gay college football player, and much more. Read on for your full roundup of news in brief:

News: Muslim teenager arrested for clock mistaken as bomb

  • A 14-year-old Muslim student in Dallas, Texas was questioned for taking a homemade clock to class that his high school teachers thought resembled a bomb. Ahmed Mohamed will not be charged with possessing a hoax bomb because there isn't any evidence that he was trying to cause harm.

Entertainment: Jamie Lee Curtis pays tribute to her mom on 'Scream Queens'

  • Jamie Lee Curtis, the 'Scream Queens' star, is getting a chance to pay tribute to her mom who was best known for her role in the Alfred Hitchcock thriller, 'Psycho.'

Tech: Apple delays the release of watchOS 2 due to a bug

  • Apple fans have been very excited about the new features that are going to be released with the new Apple Watch operating system, but today, the company decided to delay the release due to a bug they discovered.

Sports: Princeton lineman player becomes first and only openly gay college football player

  • Princeton's offensive lineman, Mason Darrow, came out as being gay this week. Darrow is the first (and currently the only) openly gay college football player.

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