Latinos share why they're voting for Donald Trump

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has become notorious for his anti-Mexican comments throughout his presidential campaign. During various speeches and debates, he has called Mexicans drug dealers, rapists and killers. He also asserts on a somewhat regular basis that Middle Eastern terrorists are illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Thus, one would assume that Latino people in the United States plan to vote against Trump in the presidential election. Not only has he generalized the culture, but he also preaches inaccurate claims about Mexicans and undocumented immigrants to the media. Nevertheless, he asserts that he "loves the Mexican people" and that they love him in return.

It seems the latter claim is more accurate than one might think, though. As it turns out, Trump has garnered a significant amount of support from within the Latino community in the United States. Several Latino people took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to speak out about why they support Donald Trump for president.

Some are tired of always being PC:
I'm Mexican and I'm voting Trump in 2016, finally a candidate who's not obsessed with political correctness.

Some are as frustrated with undocumented immigrants as Trump is:
I'm Mexican American born in America, and I'm for Donald Trump. Had bad experiences with illegals here in AZ. They can go back to Mexico and be an outlaw there.

Some are willing to disregard his media reputation in order to focus on the bigger picture:
I'm Hispanic and voting for Donald Trump! We need him!! Don't let the media fool you!!

Others value his strong personality:
I'm Latino and I like Donald Trump. He's the strong leader we need

Some want to keep the United States safe from potential outside dangers:
I'm mexican and I'm voting for trump. There are some crazy evil people in mexico. Please help keep them there so at least we have a safe place to get away to.

Some simply aren't offended by his anti-Mexican comments:
I'm voting for Donald Trump and I'm Mexican. I take no offense to what he said, I feel that the media is overrating.

Others appreciate his candid disposition:
I'm Mexican and Trump is right. He's got my vote because he has the courage to say it like it is.

Many value their legal statuses and don't want undocumented immigrants changing that:
Trump may be rude but he has a point when he says we have to deport illegal immigrants. I'm Hispanic, my parents came here legally, I get to be here. Illegal immigrants are selfish.

Even those who were once undocumented support deportation:
I'm Mexican-American, my parents were illegal immigrants, but are legal since the 80s, with that being said, I totally support Donald Trump in what he says,deport everyone back! My parents agree too.

Some simply disregard Trump's racist comments and support him as a politician:
I support Donald Trump, I'm not racist and I am a Latino. Judge all you want.

Others feel that he's misunderstood:
People saying that Donald Trump is a "racist" don't even know what he's trying to do or understand his point. He's trying to get bad people out. I'm Mexican and I think he should win.

Many are upset about his racist comments but are willing to vote for him anyway:
Im Mexican and i kind of want trump to be president but he didn't have to say that immigrants are rapists and drug dealers.

Even those who took Trump's comments personally are supporting him:
Despite what trump said about Mexican immigrants and my dad being one I'm voting for him

Others keep their political preference a secret:
My sister and the rest of my Hispanic family are terrified that Donald Trump could get elected President. They don't know that I'm voting for him.

For more Trump confessions, ​check out Whisper.

Watch this video to learn more about Trump's racist comments throughout his campaign:

Donald Trump Can't Stop Saying Racist Things

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