Islanders unveil new black uniforms


NHL Players React to New 3-on-3 OT Format
NHL Players React to New 3-on-3 OT Format

With the Islanders moving to Brooklyn and giving the burrough it's first taste of the NHL, the franchise has unveiled a new jersey to be worn at almost a third of Isles home games this year.

Keeping in line with the Nets black and white scheme, the Isles showed off a new alternate uniform that utilizes not only the Nets colors but also the new logo the team is probably going to be working into its rotation.

Here's a look at the new uniform:

The uniforms aren't really all that exciting and are even more bland than the boring Nets uniforms that we've all been subjected to. These make the Nets uniforms look like detailed works of art, as there's a lot missing from the Islanders new Brooklyn look.

Back uniforms are dope, and that's always going to be the case but it's not the fact that they're black that makes them cool. What makes black uniforms cool is what you putwith the black and right now all that's combined with the black uniforms for the Isles is a little bit of orange.

It's a work in progress, as the team is going to be working these into their uniform rotation and will probably eventually make this their default home jersey. Until then though, there needs to be some New York pizazz put into them — or at least some ironic hipster garbage to give us something other than a glorified practice jersey.

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