Diesel proves that monochromatic wardrobes look anything but basic


Sex-appeal, innovative designs and a splash of rock n' roll is now something we've all come to expect from Diesel Black and Gold. Their Spring/Summer 2016 line is no exception to their well-established rule.

Sure the collection may solely focus on black and white iterations, but that's not to say the designs are "basic". In truth, they are anything but.

Asymmetry was in the air -- silhouettes focused on reinventing necklines, hems, and finishing hardware. Instead of a typical crew or v-neck, dresses were fixed as hoodies or turtlenecks with diagonal buttoning. Sheer fabrics were once again a running theme during this Fashion Week, with the show having a number of looks involve sheer draping for see-through all-black ensembles.

But what really elevated the looks as a whole was the added dash of boyish charm. Large white cropped oxford shirts and oversized leather trousers easily could have been borrowed from the boys.The seemingly unisex additions made the collection into an ode to the neo-punk fem rocker.

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