Vine star Lauren Giraldo talks dream celebrity cameo, bombarding strangers and growing up the 'funny friend'


With 3.2 million followers on the platform, Vine star Lauren Giraldo is a comedic force to be reckoned with. Her hilarious Vines poke fun at pop culture and bizarre millennial tendencies as the 17-year-old mimics every typical in-the-know teen throughout her 6-second videos. She also enjoys embarrassing strangers by bombarding them with awkward questions and comments whilst recording. In addition to being ridiculously entertaining, the social media powerhouse sets an example for female followers to be themselves, dare to be funny and never apologize. Lauren uses her Vines to break down double standards in the comedy industry.

Lauren's Vine success has enabled her to venture across a plethora of social media platforms. Most notably, her #ScenariosWithStrangers on YouTube shows how awesome life can be if we never allow embarrassment - or second-hand embarrassment - to get in the way of our dreams. As Lauren dresses up as a banana or sings Yelp reviews, we're reminded of how empowering it feels to venture outside of our comfort zones and get creative with our daily encounters. The videos also make us laugh so hard we snort. Like we said, no embarrassment here.

As a musical theater enthusiast, Lauren's videos give us a taste of her talent and passion for singing and acting. The multi-talented social star was labeled a "name to know" by Teen Vogue and has appeared at coveted events including the MTV Video Music Awards, the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards.

We were lucky enough to sit down and chat with the Vine star about her dream celebrity cameo, her future career goals and her life-long role as the self-deemed 'funny friend.'

How do you think of each of your highly empathetic Vine topics?

I don't know. I come up with them like five minutes before and then I just do them. They're pretty random, so random thoughts. Something random will pop into my brain and I'm like "Okay, that'll work in six seconds."

Talk to me about your performing arts background. What started it all?

I grew up doing musical theater. I'm obsessed with musical theater I'm like a musical theater nerd. I did a bunch of drama classes and acting classes at school. I was definitely the entertainer in my family since birth. I think I was 5 years old when I was doing "Mambo Number 5" on the dinner table in a restaurant. From that moment on my mom knew. I think that had influence. I've always been the funny friend if I do say so myself. There was like a pretty friend, a smart friend and I was just like the funny friend always.

How did you come up with #ScenariosWithStrangers? What made you want to do it?

So #ScenariosWithStrangers was for YouTube and I think was like a spin off of #SelfiesWithStrangers on Vine. So instead of selfies which gets old I did scenarios and that opens the door up for a million more things. I did the banana, there's one with me speaking song lyrics, just a bunch of random things.

What is the weirdest interaction you've had with a stranger so far?

That's literally the hardest question you could ask because I've had so many they all blur up in my brain. Probably the weirdest - and I rarely post these - is when I go up to like a stranger to do something to them and they're like "hey Lauren" and I'm like "Ugh jokes on me." It's the worst. I will never feel uncomfortable doing something to someone but when that happens I'm like "ahh exposed."

Why did you choose Vine as an outlet to share your wit, humor, and talent?

I didn't really choose it. I think it was just the thing at the time. I mean I'm pretty trendy (laughs) so like if a new app or game comes out I always want to see what it is and try it out. So I just got into it because it was the cool thing.

What are your professional goals? Where do you see yourself five years from now?

In five years I want to have a balance somehow between acting, singing, and continuing to create my online content.

You're obviously a very outgoing person. Have you ever gotten embarrassed or felt awkward putting yourself out there while filming one of your Vines or are you as comfortable going for it as you seem?

I always feel awkward and uncomfortable but it's never making Vines. Probably with boys I'll just feel really awkward and really uncomfortable. I don't know how to speak to them I don't know how to approach them so I'll just be really blunt sometimes and be like "YOU'RE SO HOT." It's so bad. So I think that's where all my awkwardness goes. It all goes to that section of my life and then when it comes to doing things to strangers or like school situations or anything like that it's not a factor at all.

What's the longest amount of time you've ever spent putting a Vine together?

Okay so recently I edited one on my laptop for the first time ever! I was like "whoa, whole new world." That took me like 5 minutes. I know people who spend hours editing and I'm like wow kudos.

If you could have any celebrity as a guest star in one of your Vines, who would you choose?

Obama. It's such a serious position to have. I'd love to do something not serious at all with the president of the United States, come on. He'd go for it. There's one video I saw where they ask "what's your favorite vegetable" and Michelle Obama goes "sweet potato!" It was so funny. And then she has a turnip and she goes "turnip for what?" So awkward but hilarious.

What advice do you have for fellow Vine comedians trying to make it big?

Don't try to make it big. It'll happen if you're not trying. Literally be yourself and have fun with it because the second it feels like "I'm doing this because I really want to be Nash Grier" it just won't work out. So do it and have fun with it and it'll happen naturally.

Watch this video to see Lauren Giraldo on AOL Build:

Vine Sensation Lauren Giraldo
Vine Sensation Lauren Giraldo

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