Samsung might reveal the first phone with a foldable screen

OLED Association and Samsung Show Flexible Screen

According to SamMobile, a website that has previously released very accurate information about a variety of Samsung products before their official release, the tech giant's next phone might have a screen that folds in half.

One of the blog's sources from China claimed that Samsung is working on tests for this very innovative screen technology that allows you to fit a bigger screen in your pocket, while halving its size thanks to the folding option. SamMobile's report says that the phone is not the Galaxy S7 and it might only be released in South Korea. Samsung is known for pushing the boundaries of screen design with curved screens in the Galaxy S6 Edge and Edge+, as well as the Galaxy Round, which was also released only in South Korea and presents a curved display. The company also released a concept video where a foldable phone turns into a tablet-like device:

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