People share heartwarming stories about their service dogs

While we're all well aware of the healing and life-saving powers provided by fictional superheroes such as Superman and Batman, we're less exposed to the skills, stories and accomplishments of real-life superheroes: service dogs. Service dogs save people's lives on a daily basis.

With special training, these dogs help mitigate a variety of disabilities including depression, anxiety, PTSD, epilepsy and impaired sight. They're trained to respond to seizure, low blood sugar and psychiatric disability alerts. They can retrieve objects for their people, open and close doors and even turn light switches on and off.

Not only do these dogs dedicate their lives to helping others, they also provide love and companionship to their people. These dogs don't just save lives, they make people's lives better and more fulfilling. That's why several people with service dogs took to Whisper, the popular app that provides an anonymous platform for people to share their most honest thoughts, to share heartwarming stories about their beloved pooches.

They're always looking out for their people:
Ever since I blacked out on my walk with my dog she turns around to check on me every minute or so when we go out. I love my service dog, she is my whole world.

They save lives on a daily basis:
My disability is not visible  to the naked eye. Yet my service dog  is the reason I am alive.

They provide love and support to those who need it most:
I have PTSD. My service dog saved my life. He gives me unconditional love and a reason to live.

Their extensive training makes them the most trusted companions:
 I trust the opinion of my service dog more than that of a doctor.

Their life-saving skills are pretty incredible:
His name is Ostentus. It means miracle , and that's just what my service dog is. A miracle.

They deserve all the praise and hype:
Thank you Faith for helping me through hard times. My service dog is literally a life saver.

Love knows no boundaries:
My service dog loves me so much he follows me into the bathroom just in case I need him... I love him

They understand true friendship more than anyone:
My dog rescued me. I had severe depression and anxiety and wouldn't leave my house. Rex is now my service dog and we go everywhere together. He saved my life.

They set the bar high for the rest of us:
My service dog is probably the most influential being in my life.

In addition to service, the spread love and happiness:
Yesterday my parents came home with Pablo, my new service dog I've never been this happy in my life

And they help people realize they're not alone:
I love having a service dog. I never have to go anywhere alone anymore ❤

They make even the most troublesome problems seem a bit more bearable:
I have the greatest friend ever, a service dog named Snow. She's an Alaskan husky and my PTSD is bearable with her around.

They truly are a person's best friend:
My service dog & best friend in the world, Kaos. I have PTSD from combat, and if not for Kaos, I honestly wouldn't be here today. He gave me my life back. Dogs are amazing.

For more service dog stories, ​​check out Whisper.

Watch this video to learn more about service dogs:

Service Dog Saves Man's Life on First Day Together

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