Mom fights off baby's abductor in fast food parking lot

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McDonald's Stock Down After Q2 Profit Misses Expectations

A Georgia man landed himself behind bars after authorities say he tried to snatch a baby right out of a car seat in a McDonalds.

According to WSBTV, the 19-year-old mother told police she saw the man, Sterlyn Reynolds, standing beside her before entering the McDonalds in Gwinnett County.

Reynolds sat nearby the woman, who had her baby girl and was also accompanied by another family member in the fast food restaurant. The mother told police that they left the restaurant after finishing their meals and headed back to the car.

The mom walked to the other side of the vehicle to get in the front seat after buckling the child into the car seat. That's when the mother said Reynolds opened the door where the baby was seated and began unbuckling the girl.

Police said that Reynolds was beginning to pull the baby out of the car seat when a family member ran to the man and tried to fight him off. Reynolds reportedly bit the family member during the scuffle.

The mother managed to hold her baby down and began to hit the alleged attacker from the inside of the car and bit his arm. Once she was able to free her child from Reynolds' grasp, the woman took the child and ran back inside the McDonalds.

Reynolds fled the scene but police officers quickly caught him at a nearby hotel. He has been charged with kidnapping and cruelty to children.

The baby managed out generally unscathed with the exception of a few minor injuries to the arm and neck.

Go, mom! Watch the video below to find out how this awesome 8-year-old fought off a man who tried to kidnap her while she was riding her scooter:

8-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Kidnapper
8-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Kidnapper

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