GoPro falls from the sky to the center of Burning Man and gets taken for a dance


Footage was recently published on YouTube showing a video from a GoPro that was flying above the Burning Man festival attached to a drone. After a few seconds the camera falls from the sky and lands directly in the middle of a big group of people who are enjoying the party. While at first nobody notices the piece of tech on the ground, someone promptly picks it up and starts dancing with it and passing it around. Luckily for the owner, the camera was returned to the lost and found and the original owner was able to retrieve it.

Click through to see the best photos from the Burning Man festival:

Incredible footage was also captured by another GoPro that fell all the way down from space as you can see in this video:

GoPro Lost in Space Captures Breathtaking Footage
GoPro Lost in Space Captures Breathtaking Footage

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