Florida officer gets teary after boy buys him breakfast

Florida Officer Gets Teary After Boy Buys Him Breakfast

This Florida officer had a full belly and an even fuller heart thanks to this little boy sitting on his motorcycle.

Broward County Deputy Donnie Jackson stopped by Dunkin' Donuts for breakfast.

Jackson wrote on Facebook when he walked in, he felt people's eyes on him. His message said: "I could only imagine what was going through the minds of the people inside the restaurant with all the negativitysurrounding law enforcementofficials."

But right as his total flashed on the screen, a little boy came up to the cash register and told Jackson he'd pay for it.

"It was an iced coffee with a turbo shot and a sesame seed bagel. I go into my pocket to get my card to pay for it, and a kid says 'Dad, I'm gonna pay for his breakfast,'" Jackson told WSVN. The officer refused at first, but the boy's parents insisted. So, free breakfast it was.

Jackson said it was a good thing he had his sunglasses on because he teared up.

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Florida officer gets teary after boy buys him breakfast
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