Bad makeup causing bad ratings for David Muir?

Bad Makeup Causing Bad Ratings For David Muir?
Bad Makeup Causing Bad Ratings For David Muir?

When you're pretty the people will talk. When you're the main anchor of a major news network and pretty and perfectly bronzed 12 months out of the year people will REALLY talk.

"World News Tonight With David Muir" has been having some trouble competing with Lester Holt on NBC, and according to the Daily News, insiders at ABC are blaming the anchor's makeup.

We know, it's a stretch, but allegedly one insider told The New York Daily News he "looks like an Oompa Loompa" on air, and the issue, supposedly, is that Muir insists on doing his makeup himself.

Muir's big interview with Hillary Clinton was a loss even with over 7 million viewers, NBC drew in at least a million more that hour.

The New York Post recently published an article calling Muir an 'Anchor Monster' claiming he'd lost his temper on staffers over ratings a few times. So it's certainly possible this makeup rumor is just a disgruntled coworker seeking revenge from the inside, but the guy does look a tad orange.

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